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Julie Parker - Artist

Artist statement - Julie Parker

The spaces that we inhabit and the traces that we inevitably leave are at
the forefront of my practice. I think of human traces as subconscious
drawings on our everyday surroundings, when we simply walk across a
floor we leave our mark. Dust contains particles of our bodies and we
leave some of it wherever we go, it is the ultimate human trace and is
also an excellent medium for further traces. These indexical marks in the
dust show the history of our movements, an alternative record of history.

I use dust, tumble dryer lint and hair in my work, which is led by the
materials and marks that I am attracted to and the meanings found
within them. I explore and uncover these meanings through drawing,
painting, photography, video, sculpture and installation. My work in
schools has included a chewing gum based installation.

I am interested in the inherent psychology of the work and the slightly
surreal aesthetic that emerges during the making process. The human
body is always absent, but mental states are evident in the finished
objects, intended to provoke an emotional response in the viewer.



Making work 'Swept Away' for upcoming exhibition

Making work for upcoming exhibition at Museum of Arts and Design in New York
"Swept Away; Dust, Ashes and Dirt in Contemporary Art and Design"

© Caroline Nieuwenhuys (photographer)